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AEIOU of Leadership

The book brings 5 models and tools to understand the new leadership code and 55 ideas, stories and inspirations for the development of individuals and organizations. This is a guide to all who want to actively co-create sustainable success. You’re not sure? Leave your email address and you will receive a free chapter from the new book.
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Sonja Klopčič

Entrepreneur, manager and leader

I am interested in people, their potentials and the development of new approaches and business models for creative, successful and effective work. I have gathered valuable experiences in diverse organizations, at different stages of their life cycle, from creation, rapid growth, transformation, crisis, reascend, and I have experienced bankruptcy of the company.

Thoughts about the new book from the first readers

"We live on a planet where a better win in the economy, and that is why leadership is constantly evolving. Sonja's book is an important article in creating a modern leader who will be ready to conduct the organization in the context of all the important dimensions that tomorrow's world for our children will be at least as we have it, or maybe even better. The book is a protocol gift from the CCIS and I hope that the reputation of the light continues in the English language. "

Boštjan Gorjup, president of the CCIS, director BSH Home Appliances, Manager of the Year in Slovenia 2018

"The inexorable spiral of technology development, business models and power centers transformed today's leadership in the" drier train ". The author at the time of the creation of the book Aeiou the leadership of this scooting entropy slows down with a 360-degree ' image ' of signals, which then offered to the reader as an extensive mosaic of ideas, designs and tools. "

Andrej Kodrin, PhD, founder of Third Millennium Knowledge and Quintaum

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Reflections on Leadership

Why is AEIOU LEADERSHIP a business book that is written with love?

The Business Council is largely responsible for being threatened or even destroyed by a lot of natural ecosystems or not being used sustainably. People as part of the ecosystem are not an exception. In highly developed societies, we are increasingly facing burnout in...

Relationship between respect and trust

Trust. Probably the most commonly spoken word on the premiere of the book of Aeiuo leadership. Undress, sincerely present everything, even not so shiny and shiny facets of their success stories, requires great confidence in the conversation and also trust in the...

Respect for your rhythm: creation instead of reaction

I am always very attentive to the hands that are determined by the partners in joint projects and are reliably respected. I am also very fond of making extremely ambitious goals and hands that are difficult to hunt, and I often rush into action to reach them. But in...

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Sonja Klopčič, Business lady, manager and leader