Sonja Klopčič

Entrepreneur, manager and leader

Business Path of Sonja Klopčič


      A developer  of modern leadership in progressive organizations


  • Centre of Business Excellence, CPOEF

    Acting director


  • SVEA

    Chair of the Board


  • Trimo

    Competence development manager


  • ORIA Computers

    General manager


  • ETI



I provide impetus for change and pave new ways by seekong justice for all. I am interested in people, their potentials and the development of new approaches and business models for creative, successful and effective work.

Sonja Klopčič, MSc

She finished University of Ljubljana as Electro-Engineer and later did her masters in management and organization. She is a gold member of the Manager’s Association. As a mentor, she participates in the mentoring program of the Manager’s Association and AmCham. She is an Amabassador of Knowledge and Iconic Woman Creating a Better World for All.

“I acted as a leader with the highest executive power and as a subordinate without executive power, so I understand the needs, situations and goals of both sides.”

Prizes and Recognitions

Recognition for "digital comparator"

Recognition of the Zagorje research community for invention  in 1989 for the invention of “digital comparator”.

"Pioneer of entrepreneurship"

Slovenian Chamber of Commerce

Gold Award for innovation "VICTORIA"

Recognition of the Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia, Zasavje Regional Chamber

Recognition for a BOLD idea-Trimo


"InCo – Movement for innovative Breakthrough"

Award for a particularly high-quality project in 2010, awarded by the Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia.

Award for Iconic Woman, Creating Better World for All

Women Economic Forum

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"I give impulses to change and I am paving new ways by finding justice for all."

Sonja Klopčič, Business lady, manager and leader