A Unique Workshop

Unfold your potential and create an agile organization

Two-day workshop for leaders for the FUTURE

If you think you’re good, you’re dead.” These famous seven words were never more apt than today. You have been successful – but that is no guarantee for success tomorrow.
This intensive dialogue on self-discovery and synthesis will help you shape your future, before it shapes you. Immediate result: “a new you”, a new organizational mind-set, and an ever-present agility to navigate well – come what may.

CEOs, board members, senior leaders in private sector and government, entrepreneurs and investors, reserve your place.


October 16th and 17th, 2019 in Slovenia, Zagorje

The workshop will be held on 16th and 17th October 2019 between 9. and 15.30 Hour in RR Center Zagorje, Podvine 36, 1410 Zagorje, Slovenia.

Ravi Chaudhry and Sonja Klopčič

The workshop will be led by the Indian guru of leadership Ravi Chaudhry, a strategic adviser to corporations and governments, and a member of the World Business Academy in Collaboration with Sonja Klopčič, a developer of collaborative leadership in conscious organizations.

Ravi Chaudhry, with over four decades of experience in diverse industries all over the world, will share the secret of “Why more companies fail, and very few succeed”. He will unfold the pre-requisites for corporate transformation, as he helps you discover the vital strengths within you, to equip you with a contemporary mind-set and a new heart-set.

Experience 9 transformative modules, a wise investment for today and tomorrow..


9 Modules

Understanding the world around:

Gathering Insights on Technology, Trends and Risks. What is different? What is no longer relevant? A prelude to challenge your beliefs and strategies.

Understanding the treasure within

Looking Inwards – to Discover one’s Enormous Potential.

A path to becoming a natural motivator – all the time.


Discovering your dormant stenghts and natural traits

Becoming Mindful and Re-inventing Yourself as a Person.

Only Mindfulness can help you create a truly aligned Organizational Mind-set.


Practicing your traits to make “a new norm”

The key to Great Performance and Perpetual Innovation.

When each interaction becomes a thinking laboratory.


Introducing AEIOU of Consious Leadership

Evolution into conscious organizations requires that we find new words to upgrade the alphabet of leading.

Bringing universal gems of wisdom to everyday’s decisions. 



The Essence of an Agile Organization

An Aligned Leadership Team working with total transparency can do wonders.

It’s time to transition from incementalism to transformational change.



Agility in practice

Managing Talent, Strategy and Risk

An Interactive Dialogoue on making the entire Leadership Team Effective.

Exceptional leadership in the next decade

The journey from “leadership base camp” to the Summit of Exceptional Leadership. 

Creating an Entersprise that excels every time -all the time.


What next?

A “thinking-audit” to re-align and re-strategize short-term and medium-term goals.

Workshop Fee

EUR 450. The price includes lunch, beverages and refreshments during breaks.

Special Benefit
50 EUR lower price for early registrations in September 2019.


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