This year’s Feast of PI, 14.3.2018, was in a multiples milestone. In Slovenia we will remember him after the premiere, and on the planet, after the death of the remarkable scientist Stephen Hawking. Interestingly, he went straight to day 139. The anniversary of the birth of Albert Einstein.

With this I remembered how Masaru Emoto interpreted Einstein’s formula E = MC2. He said the formula really means: Energy = number of people multiplied by a square of awareness.

Masaru Emoto is already having a catastrophe in Fukushima said it’s time to understand her true meaning. At that time, mankind called for the radioactive water in the vicinity of Fukušime to send positive thoughts. In his long-standing research and measured water with crystal photographic technology, he has often witnessed that the water can be changed positively if it gets a pure vibration of human thought, no matter how far the good thought was sent. More about the results of his experiments are available on YouTube.

The mind circle through Japan is restored to Slovenia. At the time of resignation, Miro Cerar said that the authority returned to the people. Let’s take it seriously. Let’s help with the above formula interpretation. We are the ones who share energy in Slovenia with our awareness. If we want to co-create the positive energy needed for the prosperity of Slovenia, we need to expand our awareness. We need to transcend divisions on us and one, look through the Zdrah and quarrels and begin to openly and sincerely talk about what we can do together, with respect, encouragement and with confidence. Thus, we will create good energy for all and thus help establish the situation so that future governments can really do what is necessary. If we wrap each other, we dispage, underestimate, development shifts are very difficult. So let’s give up old resentment and let’s move forward with a fresh view. This will be better for both the individual and the community. Slovenia is now in the eyes of aliens a fairytale country. If we create good energy, this (p) will remain in the eyes of all who live here.

It seems to me that the shift in consciousness has occurred 12 days later, 26. In March, at the Jubilee 50. The GZS awards ceremony. The event in Cankarjev Dom was superb. I particularly impressed Alexander Čeferin, the president of the European Football Association, who, from the stage of the Gallus Hall, joked to engage in sports, which is the biggest source of passion in the world. In his speech, he said, inter alia:

“Passion contradicts reason and wives us to do extraordinary things…” Passion Noble and helps us share with others. It allows us to forget our fears and get rid of the obstacles that distinguish us to meet with different people who help us grow as individuals.

I have a passion for my homeland… Slovenia is enrolled in my heart and is being relocated in my veins….

Passion is associated with happiness, joy and love. Unconditional love. The great passions of life are always related to love. The passions help us to overcome ourselves and connect with people around us.

Passion helps us to realize our most amazing dreams, even though after the winding route. It helps us to transfer the trials and tragedies of life. Passion gives us strength and belief that we can do wonders. “

Dr. Aleksander Čeferin, president of the European Football Association

The winner of Dr. Robert Golob, however, made his passionate call to the environment with the thoughts of Albert Einstein:

“There is a very remarkable powerful force that science has not yet succeeded in explaining, this is a force that includes and regulates everything, including phenomena in the universe. It’s a force that gives us strength because it multiplies the best we have in ourselves. It is a force that gives humanity hope to be the screwup of his blind selfishness. This universal force is love.

Albert Einstein

Physicists found answers where they were not expected: in the spread of awareness and love. I am glad to be an awareness of the emergency, which includes all and gives humanity hope, lessons about love that connects and multiplies the best we have in ourselves, are increasingly spreading even among the economists.

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