Masaru Emoto published a call to all people of the whole world on his blog to help find a way out of a difficult situation on the planet, in which we found ourselves due to the great earthquake in Japan, followed by a tsunami. Radioaktina water from the Fukushima nuclear power plant has polluted the ocean, air and also water molecules in the surrounding area. Masaru Emoto was asked, if it is not true to do anything other than to refrigerate the overheating of radioactive materials by feeding water. As the mature and responsible resident of our planet, the true leader, has spoken to all the inhabitants of the planet:

The Formula for energy-known physics Dr. Alberta Einstein E = MC2, really means: Energy = number of people multiplied by a square of awareness. Now it’s time to understand her true meaning.

Masaru Emoto

He urged us to lead the surrounding Fukushime sending positive thoughts. States: “During more than 20 years of research and water measurement with crystal photographic technology, I have often witnessed that water can be changed positively if it gets a clean vibration of human prayers, no matter how far the prayer or thought was Sent. “

More about the results of his experiments are available on YouTube:

I am grateful to Aleesh the singer, from the Positivk, the newspaper of good news for personal growth, a healthy lifestyle and ecology, which translated the call to Masura Emota in Slovene and warned us about him.

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