I am always very attentive to the deadlines that are determined by the partners in joint projects and I reliably respect them. I am also very fond of making extremely ambitious goals and deadlines that are difficult to hunt, and I often rush into action to reach them. But in the last period, I’ve been practicing something completely different for me. In its most fresh creative project, which I now slowly conclude, I have decided to make a whole new way of working for me to consistently respect my rhythm. I have decided that I will listen carefully and that I will not be forced to work when my desire to create is not really burning. That is why I have not set a deadline, but only a key objective: to create only when I enjoy it when I’m in a state of pure creation. I realize that, in fullness, if you respect your rhythm, put it in the first place, and you don’t bow to external agents and deadlines, you enter a very challenging route. But at the same time, I know that I am gathering important internal knowledge, where it is necessary with a very cunning sense of balance to interwoven a material and intangible world.

The project in which the creation in its rhythm is my new book. First of all, I gave myself permission to write only when I truly wanted to, when I was going to be internally calm and allowed through me to write respect, encouragement, support, caring for the welfare of all, inspiration, in short love. It is a pure joy knowing that I succeeded and I think this is known in the book, which is these days in proofreading.

When I was writing a book, I was always in creation. However, I still have a very powerful elan for the action, and I have been very much focused on the implementation of the unique International Experiential Conference Of World of Synergy, which will invite us to the creation of different approaches. The activities involved in the implementation of this event give me energy as they take place in the spirit of synergies both in the team of enthusiasts who prepare the conference, as with the speakers and moderators who co-create it, as well as with the partners. The utmost joy to the spirit of creation is a new way of engaging and engaging all so beautifully expanding.

While observing myself, I am glad to be increasingly rarely found in the reaction. I learned that I can do in cases that sometimes suddenly get me into a reaction, stop and take the time to think if they really urgently respond.

I invite you to consider what proportion of time you Spend in action, how much in reaction and how much in creation? Hom many times you Unconsciously respond to a certain external impulse and go into reaction without you Would consider if your response is needed at all and if appropriate. How much Energy and time are spent on actions that are not important to you? In what Circumstances can you be the most creative?


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"I give impulses to change and I am paving new ways by finding justice for all."

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