AEIOU leadership pursues the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (5Ps: prosperity, people, partnership, peace, planet) and the business outcome (4Ps: people, planet, purpose, profit). This is leadership for planet Earth. AEIOU is an acronym standing for five words of indigenous people from five continents who carry timeless wisdom.

As an AEIOU leader, I want employees to be happy, engaged, healthy, knowledgeable, fun and to find meaning in their work. I also understand work as a platform for fulfilling my mission and that of my colleagues since I also contribute to the well-being of the community. I wish to ensure decent conditions for our descendants to continue living on this planet. I am aware that profit is the result of the pursuit of sustainable success.

I am guided by the 5 dimensions of AEIOU leadership:

1. RELATIONSHIPS: Relationships are what make up our reality. My inner world expresses itself in the outside world, while developing relationships with colleagues, business partners and other stakeholders of the organisation.

2. MISSION: I understand and respect my personal mission and the mission of the organisation. I act in harmony with them and also design the work of my colleagues.

3. RESPONSIBILITY: I am aware of the responsibility for successful business and also of our wider responsibility for prosperity, which extends to being responsible for life on our planet.

4. INTERCONNECTION AND INTERDEPENDENCE: I am aware of interdependence and interlinkages, and that each of my decisions and actions impacts others.

5. LOVE: I strive to lead with the energy of love for everything. Love is expressed through respect, encouragement, support, nurturing, compassion, inspiration and excitement.

Aroha is a Maori word for love, eb is a Mayan word for the path that connects us all, ikigai is a Japanese word for meaningful life, oikos is a Greek word for responsibility for home and property, while ubuntu is an African word for humanity. These are five words that the indigenous people from five continents teach us. This timeless wisdom, condensed in the acronym AEIOU, represents a universal collection of five dimensions of heartfelt leaders all around the world.


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"I give impulses to change and I am paving new ways by finding justice for all."

Sonja Klopčič, Business lady, manager and leader