After the Mayan calendar, we entered the era of ethics at the end of the last millennium, and in 2011 The age of conscious co-creation. My generation has this special privilege that we have been able to experience very different qualities, which prevailed in people’s Consciousness: power, ethics and co-creation. Now the consciousness of some individuals is already ready for a new age, the age of light, on photonicism.

The ability of individuals to act ethically, knowingly co-created or even synchronized with a significantly higher vibration of the new era of Photonism, is associated with their dedication to personal development, continuous improvement and spreading of consciousness. It’s connected to the choice of their thoughts. Each individual has 60,000 thoughts per day. The vast majority of these thoughts are repeated, many of them are negative thoughts, fears, shame, as well as judging, resentful, harmlessly, desire for the too young… People who have conquered the ability to make conscious co-creation and prepare for photonicism are able to choose positive among the already-known thoughts, and in particular they can make room for new ones.

Quantum physics teaches us that light can be a ripple or a piece, Foton. Both at once. At quantum level of reality is not OR-or, is and-and. There’s no separation, but it’s all connected. The founder of Quantum leadership Danah Zohar says that we are also people and our organizations of quantum systems. In live quantum systems, particles of reality are not isolated. Everything in the universe affects everything. You’re part of my identity, and I’m part of your identity.

Many people still believe in Newton’s laws, which arose before the age of power, in the era of hierarchy and separation from nature, when the man’s rational-technical mind still thought that it could be the nature of the sub-edit. Separating on us smart and one others, the udriezing of others, verbal or different aggression, is therefore still very present. I think we need to start our world on different foundations. Each one of us. With our relationship, we pull out the field of potentials what we’ve been up to. It is our choice, everyone is responsible for the world, we co-create it. That’s why it’s important what thoughts we choose. Every day we have 60,000 choices that affect our world.

Each one can already with a careful choice of their own thoughts contributes to the transcending division on US and others, abandon the judging of different people and be devoted to travel along the new path. If we know that we are all connected, if we know that in the quantum world with every thought we influence others and thus also on ourselves, I believe that we will decide to follow the light and not the darkness. So I believe it’s time for photonicism.

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"I give impulses to change and I am paving new ways by finding justice for all."

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