AEIOU LEADERSHIP, five approaches to leadership for the future


The book brings 5 models and tools to understand the new code of leadership and 55 ideas, stories and inspirations for the development of individuals and organizations. This is a guide to all who want to actively co-create sustainable success.

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The first part of the book presents five approaches to leadership for the future

  • The Dumo bike Evolution helps to understand the current state of the Organization and is helping to plan development activities.
  • The Circle of cooperation raises confidence as a heart of cooperation and presents eight building blocks that promote cooperation.
  • Aeiou Leadership illuminates the new values of leadership and the development path of an individual who wants to evolve into a leader for the future.
  • The Bridge to the conscious leadership represents the path by which the one should be given the desire to co-create an informed organisation.
  • Centron is the process of switching from campaign to concentration and from concentration to action. The concentration helps to skristalize the intent and prepare the circumstances that the campaign can produce results.

All models and tools were generated in Slovenia.

The second part of the book brings 55 ideas, inspirations and stories to conquering AEIOU leadership

Caring for All (Oikos) is presented with examples of inspiring personal stories of Slovenes and Slovenians who have also established themselves on an international scale. Violeta Bulc, Alexander Čeferin, Andrej Božič, Jožica Rejec, Janez Škrabec, Tomaž Lanišek, the Spirit guide, Jure Knez, Ladeja Godina Košir, Franc Matjaž Zupančič – Tiča and Ksenija Špiler Christmas have given their development paths to outstanding leaders. From their stories they are glowing by the values of the conscious leadership, while showing us that their paths were very common and were always accepting decisions that were in harmony with their personal values.

From the foreword of the book

In discussions on leadership and leadership, we often encounter concepts that interfere with the essence of human life and action, even if it is difficult to say that they are based on a sworn scientific methodology… The fundamental knowledge are old and originate from the insights of the greatest thinkers of mankind. It is therefore important that we open these topics, illuminate them from different angles, we seek answers to them, and with a critical distance we present and share practices that allow for appropriate solutions. Many times this is easier to do for wider use through a combination of professional and popular text. One such is the book of AEIOU leadership.Red. Prof. Dr. Metka Tekavčič, deity of the Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana

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