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PRE-ORDER: The AEIOU of Leadership, Five Approaches to Leadership for Tomorrow

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Business leaders need to attain 4 p’s goals: profit, people, planet and purpose, if we want that humanity will thrive in our planet. I add to this the 5th dimension: leading with love.

The book brings 5 models and tools to understand the new leadership code and 55 ideas, stories and inspirations for the evolution of individuals and organizations. This is a guide for all leaders who want to co-create sustainable success.

Readers savour the wisdom and the charm of the book, written with love, they say it is a new leadership bible and a must read for every leader. The English version will be ready by the end of Autumn.



  1. Jonathan Cave, Founder of MyPhy

    The AEIOU of Leadership” has touched me in my very core, as if I’m receiving timeless wisdom from my ancestors adapted to leadership in a modern context… Thank you Sonja for this truly wonderful book, within which you have succeeded in connecting the best of who we are as people of the world, with a conscious leadership approach accessible to and applicable by all.

  2. Ravi Chaudhry, Author of “Quest for Exceptional Leadership: Mirage to Reality” & Chairman, CeNext Consulting

    Sonja Klopcic’s new book, AEIOU of Leadership: Five Approaches to Leadership of the Future, is a work of relentless passion and commitment, to foster a new ethos of conscious leadership in business and society. She genuinely believes that the path she has outlined will lead to a better world, not only for those who pursue it – but also for everyone around them. She does it gently, but persuasively, that only those leaders who follow this wholesome approach will emerge as the winners in the coming decades.
    Her book is a balanced confluence of her personal experiences as a very successful business leader in Slovenia, and her consistent search for evolving a simple set of principles which could be an eternal guide for anyone who aspires to discover, and achieve his or her highest potential. By weaving a thread of humaneness around the five principles, culled from five continents, Aroha, Eb, Ikigai, Oikos, and Ubuntu, she admirably conveys the universality of timeless wisdom.
    For her, “leadership is limited neither by goals, nor the path to reach them. It is always in a state of flow. It is fluid. It intuitively adapts to constant change —- and by doing so fulfils its vision.” She deftly describes the various stages in this evolutionary flow – she calls it the DUMO wheel of evolution.
    Every concept she writes about is supported by tangible examples and case studies; the precious nuggets of leadership that emerge are relevant not only for leaders in Slovenia and Europe, but equally so for every leader of today and tomorrow, all over the world. An outstanding book that deserves to be widely read.

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