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Ideas for leaders for a circle of readers that are constantly expanding, Sonja prepares for free every week. Check what kind of responses they have received so far.

“Such and similar responses are communicated to me that readers with great joy read ideas for leaders. And not only to read, ideas are also introduced into their lives. This increases their satisfaction, calmness, optimism, heartiness, and the positive approach also spread outwards. “

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On leadership in the media

Reportage TV R Channel with premiere books of AEIOU LEADERSHIP at the Škrabčeva homestead on the World Day of the book.

Rewriting from the first conversation about the leadership of the new era in Zagorje: Broadcast seven, ETV.

Recording of another discussion on the leadership of the new era in Maribor: The AGE of the faculty.

A rewrite of the third talk about the leadership of the new era in a new city: your channel.

The Book of Leadership: Leadership and cooperation, power and accountability on the glowing new energies.

Blog Impressions

A Gift from SLOVEnia to the World

A Gift from SLOVEnia to the World

I dream of a world in which everyone leads themselves out of love, thinks in terms of ecosystems, lives their personal mission and the mission of the organisation, and creates trust-based relationships for prosperity. I want to live in such a world. This is a world...

Global Community of AEIOU Leaders

Global Community of AEIOU Leaders

An amazing, inspiring platform for the cuture of leading from the heart, replied Ravi Chaudhry to the invitation for the first global meeting of AEIOU Leaders. We met on the Earth's day. Matt (Matevž) Raskovic unfolded many layers of the rich Māori word aroha, one of...

The Five Leadership Heart-Sets for Sustainable Future

The Five Leadership Heart-Sets for Sustainable Future

Be global and be local. Collaborate and compete. Change and maintain order. Make the numbers while nurturing your people. Managers must focus not only on what they have to accomplish but also on how they have to think, wrote Jonathan Gosling and Henry Mintzberg almost...

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