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Incentive and support to find the right answers and develop appropriate solutions

Do you want to develop a leader in yourself and your colleagues? Are you looking for the right way to live your mission? Need support in the development of practical solutions? Are you missing a passion for work? Are you facing a lack of commitment? Do you have losses in different areas, such as losing a key employee, an important business partner, a development project?

With team of carefully selected professionals we can encourage you and support you to find the right answers and develop appropriate solutions.

Consulting, HR Solutions and Services

Are you facing a lack of commitment? Do you have questions related to the strategic development of employees? Contact us for the advise, HR solutions and services in the field of change management, motivational and incentive systems, system of competences, detection of potentials, verification of the suitability of candidates, career planning, and work transformation.


Coaching aims to support the development of leadership competences, create a personal leadership style and foster collaboration.

Leadership Universum

The Leadership Universum increases the focus on finding opportunities and foster collaboration. This is a custom program for businesses. It opens the understanding of the evolution of business systems and the necessary changes in organisation and management. It helps participants (re) discover their motivation for leadership, their mission and purpose. Exploring the modern orientations in leadership and how to transfer them to their practice, testing concrete tools, grips and models, and training the use of new approaches in situations that we meet in everyday work with people.

DUMO Wheel of Evolution

The workshop is intended to open and deepen the dialogue on the organization. We will carry out a diagnosis of nine key elements that define the individual evolutionary phases of the business system (working, learning, thinking and conscious). The result of the workshop is a clear picture at which stage the organization or unit is currently located, what is the established way of managing how the relations between employees and the management are reflected, what is the cooperation between departments and the like.

AEIOU of Leadership

The AEIOU workshop first raises awareness of what is the alphabet of leadership, and then illuminate into a view of the necessary changes through the concept of AEIOU leadership. The concept of AEIOU outlines the essence leadership of the new era. Aroha, Eb, Ikigai, Oikos and Ubuntu, five words that each for themselves represent a powerful concept, the workshop connects to the whole and thus builds the foundation on which we develop modern leadership.


The CENTRON Workshop: deeps the understanding of leverage leading to greater satisfaction and commitment of employees and performs a common reflection on how the management team and each leader can influence the commitment. The central part of the workshop focuses on the experiential understanding of the need for a concentration from which a more comprehensive action can be made.

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