When we are on the road, we can only be at the other end of Slovenia, and we meet Sokrajana, with which we usually only sleep well at home, we are very likely to speak some friendly words. If our path is being put into other countries, we will rejoice in the Slovenes when we meet him. Even if we meet someone from the former common homeland somewhere, we will definitely be exchanging a few words. I remember how the conference in Rome Hrvatica, who lives in Switzerland, has been looking for us two in a few hundred participants, who came from Slovenia. Although we saw it the first time, we felt that we had common roots and the conversation was immediately running.

I remember the way I was happy about the Canadians who took us to our taxi in the middle of the Indian highway when our mess broke up. We immediately felt the connection and survived together a wonderful day at the time of the Taj Mahala tour. I remember how we were after a few days of traveling in South Korea, where we were surrounded by the locals, looking forward to meeting the white men. I think about how far you should travel to cheer up the women hidden under the black Burko? How far should you travel to cheer up Uruguay, Chinese or Sudanese? How far should we travel to feel that we are all connected?

And how far should I travel to understand that all my subways, shady sides that I don’t like, or I don’t even know, are common roots with all my talents and good qualities?

How far do you need to travel to get in touch with yourself?

More importantly than the actual journey is important to meet your inner world, travel through the inner provinces, identify and remove fears, beliefs, limitations.

This is the path of the leaders. This is the path of integration and not separation on us and one. This is the path of awareness of interdependence. This is the way of finding good in yourself, in others, in situations and events. This is the path of continuous learning. This is the path of responsibility. This is a path of effort to the welfare of all. Eventually, it goes into the path of action from the love of myself to the fellow human, to life. This is the way of tracking light, enlightenment yourself and surroundings. The enlightened man travels without moving.


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