Today is the absolute worst day in the existence of space.
And don’t even try to convince me to
There’s something good in every day!
Because if you look close, you’il see that
The world is really horrible and evil!
Even if
A few goodies here and there shines in life
Satisfaction and happiness do not endure
And it is not true that
It’s all in the head and heart
I’m sure you can agree:
My mood and life
It’s all out of control
And never, even in a million years, you won’t hear me say:
Today is a good day!

Chanie Gorkin

Now read it again, this time from the bottom up.

The remarkable song, which hides the big surprise, when we read it from the bottom up, is the work of the American High school Chanie Gorkin. It was a school order at the highest level of complexity. Secondary school pupils had a choice of three levels of difficulty to describe their best day and thus three different occasions to show their talents: (1) Advanced-10 to 15 line song, equal to top-down and bottom-up structure, (2) Common-color Drawing and 5-8 line song, (3) Simple task – color drawing and 3 to 5 phrases.

Song 17-year-olds Chanie Gorkin inspires people around the world because it is woven into life’s wisdom

When I found out, I was even more impressed on the song. A 17-year-old girl decided to be the most demanding task. I confess, I would have decided on this set for the most simple. Chanie Gorkin said she spent a few hours on the song, but it has been woven into life’s wisdom, many of which have not yet come to know in significantly mature years. Her mother published the song on FB, but virally began to spread when he was spotted in some London pub by a visitor who had a bad day, and it was a cheer-up song. The song of a high school from Brooklyn now impresses people all over the world. I don’t know who made the Slovenian translation, and I hope this information will come to me too.

Chanie Gorkin clearly shows us with this song how every thought An opportunity to change, if we are informed, present if we are a herd.

Reading the song from Bottom up brings a wonderful transformation, a complete change. Such a makeover is born when you start to look at things, events, situations, and people differently, from another angle of view when you are looking for good and uncovering the potential. The makeover happens when you remove a restrictive paradigm and opens a new opportunity field. The makeover happens when you’re a Chihuahua, an open mind and a heart when you’re committed to your constant improvement when you grow up and spread your conscience. The makeover happens when you realize that the questions you ask are determined by the answers. When you know that with your relationship, you pull out of the potentials field, just what you were going to do.

Similarly, the wise man speaks to us from the other end of the world, Ravi Chaudhry from India: “The herd is a responsible choice. We are happy or unhappy for our choice. If we’re unhappy, we can’t be a herd. If we are concerned about what will happen, we support fear. If we’re angry at anyone, it’s like taking the poison so that the other person is hurt. “

We are in the era of conscious co-creation, where everyone is responsible for the world we are creating.

We are in the age of a conscious co-creation, where each is responsible for the We create. New skills are also needed here to conduct oneself, and organisations. The idea of the leadership universe, the school of Conscious Management, has been born precisely to illuminate new routes, bringing New knowledge, gives inspiration, encouragement and support for the transformation. The ideas for the leadersby which this contribution is summarized are part of the leadership universe, which is now expanding beyond the unique workshops.

With the transformation of ourselves as a leader and building an agasy organization, we will deal with a twin of workshops with the Indian guru of leadership 28. and On 29 May in Ljubljana, where we will interwoven the wisdom of the east and the practicality of the West. More information:

What day are you going to create today?

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