The Business World is largely responsible for a lot of natural ecosystems not being used sustainably. People as part of the ecosystem are not an exception. In highly developed societies, in a fast paced business, we are increasingly facing burnout. On the other hand, the gap between a handful of rich and growing crowds of poor earthlands is becoming bigger. It’s just a few visible and tangible consequences of unreasonable decisions.

If we want to allow our descentants a decent life on this planet, we need to transform the economy radically. I believe that this can only be done by conscious leaders who watch the world in a holistic and heartfelt way. They perceive their role more broadly and are aware that their decisions directly affect the quality of life of many people. Such perception greatly exceeds the narrow understanding of responsibility only for the material part of the organization, for the result in the income statement and the balance sheet. Conscious leaders are aware of accountability even for the emotional and spiritual development of employees, which means that people are healthy, vital and that they see a sense in their work. They do not run organisations only as a business, they understand them as a platform for the realisation of their mission and mission of colleagues, thus contributing to the Community’s welfare. They know that their responsibility extends far beyond the boundaries of the organizations they run. Conscious leaders enrich the business knowledge with the heart and breadth of the spirit.

AEIOU is the acronym of five words from five continents, bearing the timeless wisdom of the indigenous pelople the that needs to resurrecve and get into life. They are responsibile, purpose-driven, they create relationships, understand the interdependence, and in particular thy lead from the energy of love and not from the power position.

The book The AEIOU of Leadership talks about leading with love. It’s a business book I wrote with Love. It originates from the love of the noble occupation of the leader, the love of finding new ways of advancement, love for the community and the love of humanity. That’s why it’s not a normal business book. It is a business book that respects human as a comprehensive creature and understands that it is necessary to develop all dimensions: rational, emotional and spiritual intelligence. The book is therefore equipped with color graphics and a special gift: a CD with sound support with songs that take us into the sense of the five dimensions of AEIOU leadership.

AEIOU is the acronym of five words from five continents, bearing the timeless wisdom of the settlers-the wisdom that needs to resurrecve and get into life. They are in responsibility, mission, crelationships, understanding of interdependence, and in particular tleading with love.

The Book of AEIOU LEADERSHIP is not only written with love, but speaks of love. Aroha, A from AEIOU of LEADERSHIP, is a Maori word that we translate as love. A concept of Aroha is more than that, it is a composite word; The parts of Arohe are Aro, Ro, Hā, Oha. These parts give the entire concept of aroha more layers and richness of meanings. Aro presents the thought, the living principle, also concentrating, RO is internal, introspection, HA is a lifespan, breath, energy. OHA, however, represents generosity, progress, abundance and health. Aroha is therefore more than a suitable word for the label of everything, which means keeping the energy of love.

Why am I writing this? Because the book of AEIOU LEADERSHIP is a very convenient holiday reading. But not because it would be easy, just the opposite. Holidays are the time that allows for more contemplation. And this book requires reflection and invites to a different, man-friendly leadership that develops meaningful solutions and taking care of the profits also worries for the planet. In English you would say that it takes into account at least 4P: profit, people, purpose and the planet.


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