I’ve been proving that I can and can handle it. Be first or different. Stand out from others after something. Great in high school. The president of the students at the university. I got married while I was studying, because my husband and I thought it was good to get a vacation for the wedding, because he was a soldier at the time. We didn’t buy the rings because we thought we didn’t need it. Even now, after more than thirty years of marriage, we don’t have any. I’ve chosen a business costume for the wedding.

I was the first engineer in the development of the production company, and I had to prove that I had no only engineering skills, but I can also use a drilling machine to drill a hole in a printed circuit that I planned for myself for my first Innovation – a microprocessor-controlled, defeat-time meter. I got a municipal prize for innovation.

Innovative Manager, director of the successful IT company

I was the first among friends who began with ski-boarding, the first one that jumped with a parachute, the first one that started with SUP (stand up paddling) and the like. Being the first and something extraordinary was always my important motive. And I was successful. Well-known director of the established computer company, and in addition to the mother – just as it is fitting, first son, then daughter.

Competence Development Manager in the international company

After three of the director’s mandates, I decided to do something different and say goodbye to a successful company. I started to build my second career. I had no idea what this was going to be. That was strange, too. Usually people do not leave positions where they are doing well and are being deployed into the unknown. But I wanted to prove that it was possible. It really worked out well, I got quite a few invitations, and I decided to be an international company where I became the Compence development manager. Of course, first of all, I had to develop this role. I was successful again.

First morning as the chair fo the board and crisis manager

Then one day I received an invitation to come and rescue the company from my hometown. Of course, as first female director, the first female chair of the board, and above all as the first crisis manager. The company was in losses, there were a few steps ahead of bankruptcy. The heart immediately ruled, though my intellect – but not just mine – dictated differently. Just in the days when I became the first female chair of the board of this company, the novel of the Companies Acts entered into force. It provided that the responsible person of the company, who goes bankrupt or forced to settle, in a few years after that he or she cannot become a director in another company, not even set up his or her own business. This meant that in the event of failure, I would remain not only without a job, but also without a profession.

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