Trust. Probably the most commonly spoken word on the premiere of the book The AEIOU of leadership. Undress, sincerely present everything, even not so shiny facets of the success stories, requires great confidence in the ccapability od people and also trust in the ability of space te accept all entrusted with respect. The leaders who shared their stories, have this trust.

Respect was probably the second most commonly spoken word, especially in the combination of the respect of the past. The host Janez Škrabec invited us among his ancestors, to the homestaed of the linguist Pater Stanisla Škrabec, who researched vowels. He suggested a vowel system with short and long vowels, and consistently demanded separation in the quality of accented and unagrogenic vowels.

Vowels, who gave the name of the book The AEIOU of LEADERSHIP, are the initials of the words Aroha, EB, Ikigaj, Oikos and Ubuntu. Words stem from indigenous peoples with five continents. The indigenous people were people of nature, consciously linked to their environment and aligned with the rhythms of nature and cosmos. The timeless wisdom given to us by symbols and words carry the knowledge to develop conscius leaders.

The english version of the book will be prepared by the end of Autumn. You can preorder your copy now. On the website, write in the note which cursor will mark the last read page in the book.

Dva dni po premieri knjige sem doživela še eno premiero. V studiu televizije Vaš kanal sem se prvič preizkusila tudi v vlogi televizijske voditeljice. Voditeljica oddaje Pravi ključi Irena Vide mi je prepustila, da sem izvedla zaključek oddaje. Celotno oddajo, v kateri sva temeljito osvetlili tudi zaupanje in spoštovanje, lahko pogledate tu.

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